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Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010 07:28 am
Think yellow, a yellow white that is so bright you can see it with your eyes closed. But it’s not a harsh brightness, but warm, inviting, even if you can't open your eyes. This realm is rarely visited as the brightness is more than most humans can bare without going blind. What passes for a sun, is a huge glowing yellow white ball that fills forty five percent of the sky. Oddly it’s warm but not overly hot in this realm.

The ground, yellow brown and always warm under your feet. What sparse grass that grows varies in color from the softest browns to the deepest gold’s. The trees are low growing with spreading branches that sweep along the ground as if they were crawling across the land. The bark on the trucks is a golden brown that fades to a sandy white at the tips of the branches. The leaves are smooth, oval and slightly pointed at the tip and range in color from dark grayish blue to a soft greenish brown. At odd times they flower with large drooping sky blue flowers that produce golden nuts that look like smooth walnuts but are the size of small avocados.

There are small round furry creatures that look like fat ground squirrels with long straight tails that live in shallow hollows amongst the trees. Their fir is soft black topped in golden brown. When running around in the open they never open their eyes, and softly chitter nonstop as they go. It is assumes the chittering is like a sonar so they don't run into anything as they keep their eyes shut tight to guard against the brightness.

There are large skinny bird like creatures that only come out to fly when the sun is almost down. They live in deep burrows in the ground and have to run to take off. They range in size from a half a foot to three feet in wing span and have delicate feather the color of peach and burnt orange. They sour at twilight and all through the dark period on thermals and the warm breezes that come up once the large glowing orb has set. They make no sound as they sour and drift through the air.

It’s a quiet place even the clittering of the furry creatures is a soft sound. There is not much here to invite the traveler and the glowing orb that passes for light is much too bright for normal life to spend much time in this place.


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