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Tuesday, September 28th, 2010 11:35 pm
This is not an inviting and place, the ground reminds one of a giant mud flat, all done in shades of gray. Miles and miles and endless miles, of flat gray land, broken only by the cracks that zigzag crazily across it all. Here and there across this vast expanse are piles of great dark gray rocks tumbled together as if someone left them there intending to build something and than just never returned. It is always cold there. The wind dry, chilling and empty as the land.

The sky over these vast plains is also always gray. Sometimes filled with great billowing clouds of silver gray shot through here in there with the deepest shades of blue and slate gray. Even the cloudless sky is gray with swilling lines of whitest white and pale blue and yellow green in it. Once in a while in the distance you can see large dark gray jittery birds that fly clumsily through the skies as if there were not enough air to hold them up.

Dank canine like creatures shuffle through the gray dust, looking something like a starved coyote with scales. Dark charcoal with lighter gray on their scales. Their eyes shining like broken jewels in their gaunt features. What they eat I have never been able to assure as they always look like they haven't eaten for years and about to drop dead any second. They are shy and jumpy and scamper away on a dead run if they see you.

The gray man walks here, the man who was born old and dusty and gray for all the years any one has ever known him. He never changes, even though the years pass by him and others are born, live and die, he alone never seems to change. He has taken over this realm and most would just as soon let him have it as they see nothing welcoming about its empty plains and chilling wind. He works his dark magic here, plots and plans and evil doings. But he made the mistake of taking Little One there one too many time. She now knows the ways in and out better than even he will ever know.

She lets him be for now, but not before she locked the doors, sealing him in and all others out. He finds this amusing and it suits him for now, as he plots and plans and screams his wormy scrams. Little One knows what the gray man refuses to believe. There is a time in which the gray man will vanish away and will be gone; and the gray realm will once again be free, and the true inhabitants will once again come out to claim what once was theirs alone...

And Little One knows that time will come sooner than the gray man knows...


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