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September 20th, 2010

darknessdance: (Default)
Monday, September 20th, 2010 08:27 am
Again I find myself walking through these woods, as always it is so very overcast that often when I walk these woods it feels like early twilight. But with the white gray light, time doesn’t seem to have much meaning. The trees are mainly maple and birch. I find this always odd as I have no maple and birch forests around me, only the lofty evergreen pines I grew up with. It always seems to be fall here in these woods no matter what time of year I started from. There are leaves always on the ground and the trees are forever in shades of brown, yellow and orange. Sometimes there is a light breeze that gently stirs the leaves.

There is no path; I just wander aimlessly between the trees, meandering back and forth with no real purpose. I know I have been here before, although I never know how I get here. It’s peaceful, calm; the only sound is the sighing of the gentle breeze though the trees and the leaves on the ground. As always I walk until I see a kind of building in front of me. It's made of weathered wood and stone, with great double doors always wide open to the woods although there is no path in front of those doors. I walk inside through these doors noticing as usual the leaves from outside have drifted though the door as well and no one ever seems clean them out.

I find myself walking down aisle with wooden and stone benches, or sometimes they are rough wooden pews on either side. The walls of this building sour up above my head with no windows anywhere. The only other opening in the walls, is a small side door across from the alter up front, which is also always open and leads back to the woods. There is no roof. There has never been a roof. It’s not missing, the building was never meant to have a roof. The trees and the leaves are its roof.

I wander down the aisle to the alter looking up and around. The temple is empty, always empty, always full of leaves; but it’s not dusty as you would expect a place with no roof to be. It’s very peaceful, quiet and tranquil. I have no clue as to where this place is. I never know how I get there and back again. The only sound I have ever heard in this place is the wind in the leaves, no birds, no insects, no people.

I like it there. It’s one of the few places in my life I feel totally safe and alone.