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Thursday, September 16th, 2010 03:57 am
This is a strangely closed yet open realm. It has a ceiling twenty to thirty feet above the floor. Both ceiling and floor are of the same dark black and gray rock, reddish in tint in some places. But though it is finely split and cracked on the surface, it is for the most part level in both ceiling and floor. It would seem like it was a cave save there are no walls, if you walk in one direction long enough you will find yourself back where you started without ever turning and without finding a solid surface other than the ceiling and floor. There are just no walls.

There is no natural light in this realm. Just a quiet soft darkness, that seems to drift on unseen breezes. If you bring a light into this place, no matter how bright, it light will seem dim and only cover a short distance and batteries run out swiftly on this plain. Its unnaturally quiet on this realm, sound doesn’t seem to travel very far, and if you try to talk you find yourself whispering, as if to not offend the silence of the place. If you stand and listen long enough, you can hear the ever so quiet sigh of the invisible wind shifting and spinning through the gentle darkness.

There are no markers or land marks in this realm, just featureless endless ceiling and floors fading off to endless soft darkness. Here and there, placed by the unseen ones who live on this realm are statures, some small, some larger than men. They are made of a strange, white stone that softly glow with its own quiet light. Some of these statures are things you would recognize on other realms, others just abstract. Offerings are left at the foot of these statures, strange foods, odd, dully glowing flowers. These do not last long, and are replaced by unseen hands.

People and other creatures have tried to bring things to this realm, but they don’t stay very long. Anything left on this realm slowly fades into mist no matter how solid it was to start with. Science works not at all on this realm, and food quickly turns bad and then drifts into mist. Fire burns in this realm, but it struggles to stay alive and its light doesn’t reach far. Other than the strange glowing stone the statues are made of, and the rocky floors and walls, nothing else lasts.

It is a quiet place, a dark place, but nothing of fear is in this place. Those who live there are made of the darkness and mist of the very air and cannot be seem by other eyes. They don’t bother the traveler who journeys there. And while there is nothing of harm in this realm, neither is it inviting to human kind. Things that keep drifting into mist tend to upset most people and there is nothing really of value on this realm to outsiders. Humans of evil intent have at one time or other sought to use this realm for their own, but it becomes too hard to maintain any kind of base there and doorways in to it, tend to move and disappear unexpectedly. Even the Realm Rangers visit less often than other realms, for its mere alien like aria is off setting to humans in general, and as such is its own defense. It is a place of peace that just wants little to do with human kind, and should be left to the softly signing wind and unseen people who live there.