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darknessdance: (darklight)
Saturday, December 20th, 2014 05:50 am
I speak the truth;
But it is my truth, none other.
I walk; where others no longer walk.
I see; what others have become blind too.
I hear; where others have deafened their ears.
I feel; what others have forgotten to feel.

There is a reason they forgot,
Became deaf, blind and unfeeling.
They no longer wanted to know the pain.
There is a reason my path is all alone.
My path is blood and darkness,
Glistening starlight and pain.

The darkness and the pain are often
One in the same and you can't really see
The color of blood in the starlight.
And when the pain overwhelms all else
All that's left that you can really do... is dance.
This is my darkness dance.

Tobbie WhiteBird Crowe
darknessdance: (darklight)
Wednesday, January 16th, 2013 07:26 pm
Life can be so very hard and so very sad. Times when it feels so cold and no matter where you turn, all is covered in ice. A coldness so deep it seems to fill the very core of your being and you start to wonder if you will ever feel warm again. You wonder if anything in your life will ever feel warm and good again...

But what must be remembered is that even in the midst of the deepest winter, the sun will someday come out again. That spring will some day return and all the ice that surrounds you will one day finally, finally melt away.

Just hang in there.