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May 26th, 2011

darknessdance: (Default)
Thursday, May 26th, 2011 03:08 am

My brother and I were visiting our good friends, my soul brother and his wife. As we were about to leave and they all were talking and kidding around like we always do before we leave each other, suddenly I was no longer in the living room but someplace else all together...

Suddenly I am traveling through a series of interlocking caverns, one that leads to another and then on to another and so on. They seem to go deeper and deeper in. I can feel myself moving through these caves. I can feel the air against my face, my skin, not at all chill though it feels like it ought to be. Nor does it feel damp though I can see the damp in places on the rocks and walls as I pass. I can smell which in its self is odd, as unless something downright reeks to high heaven I can no longer smell things. The smell is strangely clean and oddly refreshing. I remember that I should be sitting in my friend’s living room, and there is a part of me far back in my mind that can almost feel and see that I still do. But the strangest of all is I know that I am traveling without my feet touching the ground. And this should freak me as I hate flying dreams, they frankly creep me out. But this doesn’t feel like my uncontrolled flying dreams, this feels as if some other force is carrying me along which should bother me but there is no fear or the lack of my own control.


I hear the larger cavern before I see it. I hear the low rhythmic beating sound. I see the light, soft pale but somehow compelling. I am pulled towards it not just by the force that carries me, but also by something with in that seems to call to me. I enter into the cavern; it seems to be one of the largest, in it lays a body of water that could easily be called a small sea, the waves softly cashing back and forth making the booming noise that echoes through all the caves.

Above the water, is a very high ceiling that seems to act as a sky. It is a pale, light yellow and seems to glow softly. On the far side of the cavern above the water; hung in that pale, pale yellow, is a large round copper dick that shines and gleams like the sun on a new penny. From it and the sky come warmth and the source of the light.

Below this is the small sea, the waves in constant movement. The washing of this water against the dark gray lava stones and rocks that line the cavern and stink out here and there on the shore, make a low hollow sound. It is a rhythmic sound very much like that of the beating of a very large slow beating heart. The water is warm to the touch.

The beach that makes up the shore on this side of the water and lies between the lava rocks is made up of rounded almost smooth pieces of pure crystal. The seawater washes back and forth over this making the strangest sound, a cross between soft tinkling and a something heavy being dragged along. The strange and unsettling thing about these waves is the color. The waves are blood red, and there is no real water in this sea, just this clear blood red fluid.

This place calls to me; it pulls me. It seems to speak to me to come, to bathe, to enter in, to drink of its life, to become one with it. The pull is very, very strong and I do not trust it. I want to go, to leave, but I do not want to go to leave. The pull is so strong and it calls, it sings to me, beckons me, but while the feel of that call is welcoming and warm, I deep, deep inside of me sense that there might be more than one danger. And I can’t help wondering what else is there. I have just never ever been all that trusting.


The stale mate might have gone on but my soul brother sensed I was not really in the living room and had stated calling out to me. It was his voice I felt, and his voice I followed out. I saw him first and heard him say come back. I am not sure that his wife or my brother fully understood what had happened, and though I never said, I firmly believed my soul brother called me back from something that lives only in Shadows. But why that should have bothered me so, I don’t really understand as yet. The thing is that cavern is still there; I can sometime almost feel and smell it. Sometimes I can still see it and sometimes almost faintly hear it; it is like it is just waiting; waiting and wanting for me to return.

darknessdance: (Default)
Thursday, May 26th, 2011 03:36 am

This realm is full of red rock, lots and lots and lots of red rock. Big red rock, little red rock, red rock in every size and shape you could ever begin to image. Even the ground is made up finely ground up red rock. And what isn't red rock are vast fields of black lava lightly dusted in red rock dust. Rolling hills of red rock and lava, gently rolling hills, no real mountains and no real valleys... just endless rolling spans of red rock and dark gray lava spreads.


The okra sky above this red rock is always cloud covered, clouds that range in color from lightest pinks, oranges and peaches, dull yellow and brownish gold. The light is always subdued, never bright and yet detail is easy to make out and one can see with ease far away as well as near.


Small jeweled lizards dart amongst the red rocks and lava; it’s always warm there so the lizards are always active. They are range in color from black, charcoal and lightest gray with jeweled colors along their backs that gleam and sparkle in the low light as if real gems were in bedded in their skin.


Small pools of water gather here and there amongst the rocks brought by the daily gentle rains, it is safe to drink but always has a sweetish tang to it which leaves a copper taste in your mouth afterwards. The lizards not only drink of this but bath in it as well.


The breeze always blows softly there, warm during the daylight, cooler when the darkness comes. It spins and caresses the rocks and makes the sound that almost sounds like soft sighing song. Small tiny creatures float on these breezes, pretty little gold, red, purple and silver creatures that aren't quite a bird, nor an insect, yet somehow combines the two. The lizards sometimes try and catch these and eat them. I am told they taste rather sweet.


There is nothing in the land of value to offer a human. It is a stark yet mostly quiet place. It remains mostly isolated of human kind as it has nothing to offer in resources. There is however someone who lives there. ‘She’ lives alone most of the year, save for a short time each year when her special someone comes to visit. ‘She’ however likes the aloneness and quiet as she has never been fond of human kind. ‘She’ has built in this land with her own two hands and little house, a home of sorts that’s half house and half cave. It is comfortable enough and meets her needs, for ‘She’ is vicious towards any who enter this land and patrols it with a vengeance.


I know of her and this place because she is by blood my sister. ‘She’ was a child no one wanted and she was suppose to have died, instead she found the Red Rock Realm and she and it seem to feed each other’s needs. ‘She’ is loyal to me and pretty much despises all other save her one special friend. Though I found out as of late, our cousins both bring her small gifts from time to time to make her life more pleasant and I am told ‘She” even allows Night the Ranger to patrol on her realm. But only these are allowed.