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Silver Cloud Realm

A place of strange and alien beauty, where everything including the inhabitants seem to be in shades of gray, white and silver.

The sky always looks over cast because the clouds and the sky are the same shades of murky white, lighter and brighter near the roof of the sky and more silver near the horizon.


Like this mundane earth plain, the silver cloud realm is mostly seas. Seas of gray silver white water, full of strange and wondrous fish of such delicate beauty that it would not seem that they could with stand the weight of the water, yet this delicate beauty hides a furious harshness of teeth and fang. The silver slate gray white-caps fall upon sand of the shore, sand so fine its texture is like soft silk as it runs through your fingers. This sand differs in color from the purest white, delicate beige to the lightest pinks and blues.


Strange grayish white creatures walk and hop along these beaches, creatures under a foot tall that look like small malformed three sided pyramids slightly rounded, and they walk hop on two to three pointy little legs that have no feet. They have no eyes, hands or mouths, that one can see, and they travel in groups of three or five up and down the coast, living in burrows in the sand dunes by the shore.


Strange skeleton looking birds of black and charcoal gray half fly and half skim among the waves. Their harsh cries and four foot length going strangely with the small shelled creatures that wash up on the beach that they eat with such relish.


The Palm trees that line these shores have smooth silver gray trunks and pale red almost pink fan or fern like leaves that grown on the top. The date palms have fruit of deepest blue to darkest reddish purple depending on how ripe they are. The coconuts on the other palms are bright silver to dusty gray with pale blue white milk and meat that taste like vanilla flavored coconut. The scrub glass that grows in patches beneath these palms crackles when touched and smells a bit like burnt rubber. But can be weaved into baskets that will hold water without leaking.


Further in land the hills are covered in grass the same shade of gray as our Dusty Millers, but are soft with a texture of silk mixed with velvet, and the smell when crushed or walked upon is that of wild sage. Deep blue lavender grow wild upon these hills, the color ranging from the darkest purple blue to the lightest sky blue of our skies.


The highest of the hills are covered in pine trees that hold the shape of our pine trees, but whose needles are narrow, sharp and gleaming silver, glittering in the slightest breeze. If this realm had a sun, they would be blinding as they are bright enough in this over cast light. The pine cones are rounder with less sharp edges and light blue to dark blue depending on how ripe they are. The needles of what you could call the Scotch pine are long and a dull light gold, with cones of light pinkish orange to burgundy when ripe.


There are groves of avocado trees, but the leaves are silver gray with really hard edges. These can be pasted together one on one and shaped and sharpened on the edge to produce a blade nearly as hard and sharp as our own steel blades. The fruit looks like our avocados except the outside skin is whitish gray when ripe and the inside a pale, pale yellow with a hard shiny silver seed. The taste is likening to our avocados but a bit sweeter.


There are groves of citrus like ours, save the fruit instead of orange and yellow and green, they are pale pink, and blue and purple, though they seem to taste pretty much the same. The Dusty Miller also grows there looking much like what grows here save the flowers instead of our bright yellow are a deep midnight blue. The roses that grow look like our tea roses but have shades of blue instead of green for their leaves. They flower in white, pale, pale yellow, light blue, dark blue and darker shades of green.


The people of this realm have pale skin, long grayish white hair, and light eyes gray to silver in color, the pupils slatted like a cats. They dress in somewhat renaissance style, in shades of gray, lightest blue, silver and charcoals. Their teeth have slightly long fangs and are very, very white. The ears are slightly pointed and sometimes set with strange gems of gray, blue and dark red. Females are rarely seen, and on the whole the race seems to be fairly solitary, not living in large groups or families. They look somewhat human, but there is something about them when you look at their face or eyes that just screams not human inside.


This is one of the realms nearest to the realm of Fae and Shadowlands. It is wild and untamed and cannot be controlled. There are those who think that they can take what they wish from this realm including its people and do as they wish. But this land and people holds secrets of the magic and the Creator of All and cannot be conquered regardless as to what it may seem.


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You write so beautifully!
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You left out two of my favorite inhabitants: the sleak sharks and the cute little corlardrens!!
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The Corlardren looks like a small mixed-breed short-haired puppy with a slight lion's ruff, kind of a tan blond color.

The sleak shark looks like a smooth, thin shark with short legs and big teeth.